Breast Cancer Speech

Topics: Woman, Emotion, Cancer Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Breast Cancer

The topic of cancer is a very sensitive one. Cancer is a disease of which in many cases is fatal and has affected the lives of many and sadly will continue to affect the lives of many more. I chose to explore the topic of breast cancer because it is one of personal interest to me. This topic interests me for various reasons but mainly because breast cancer is most prone to and extremely common in women of all ages and I myself am a young woman growing up in society. As shown in recent statistics-----------------------. I also wanted to make others aware of the harsh reality of breast cancer and expose them to some of the true emotions experienced by the victims and their loved ones.

My I.A. is based on how a woman’s life is affected by being diagnoses with breast cancer. It explores the emotional impact on her and the way in which she handles this difficult time in her life. It also shows the support given to her by her best friend who goes through this difficult time with her.

Just as in the story many women are being diagnosed with breast cancer everyday and as said before, unfortunately it is extremely prominent and common in females. Cancer not only affects the lives of the patient but also their many loved ones or anyone close to them for that matter. It is a disease which can affect the emotional, social and financial well being of an individual. When an individual is diagnosed with breast cancer or any cancer at all their lives and lifestyles can change drastically over a short period of time. These changes are usually for the worst. It may take a lot of time together with love and support to restore lives back to their normal order or as close to it as possible.

Some of the difficulties experienced in writing about this topic were being able to capture actual emotions of a cancer patient and the effects on their loved ones. While it was almost extremely easy to think of some of the possible emotional effects of...
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