Breast Cancer in England

Topics: Cancer, Breast cancer, Cancer staging Pages: 6 (1836 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Breast Cancer in England

A Report Based on the Presentation of Statistical Information

Dilruwa Rajapakse
CB313 Group 04

1.0 Abstract ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------03 2.0 Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------------03 3.0 Methodology --------------------------------------------------------------------------03 4.0 Findings---------------------------------------------------------------------------------04 4.1 Regional Breast Screening Coverage------------------------------------04 4.2 Breast Cancer Detection by Age Group---------------------------------05 4.3 Categorisation of Breast Cancer by Size--------------------------------06 4.4 Mortality Rate-----------------------------------------------------------------07 4.5 General Commentary--------------------------------------------------------07 5.0 Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------------------08 6.0 References -----------------------------------------------------------------------------09

1.0 Abstract
This report presents an analysis of data on breast cancer in England among women. It mainly concerns on the NHS breast screening programme, to clarify the reader about the coverage of breast screening and a further interpretation is also provided on the identification of the types of breast cancer and mortality rates.

2.0 Introduction
This report is produced by me in the aim of meeting one of the requirements of CB313 assignments. It was required for the students who took the ‘Introduction to Statistics for Business’ module in University of Kent Canterbury, to prepare a report which analyses statistical information effectively. As the topic could be selected according to the student’s interest, I chose ‘The Increase of Breast Cancer in the UK’ as it is a topic which relates to the society in a broader context and an area which drives high attention due to the rise of breast cancer in the past years. According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer which is formed in the tissues of the breast is identified as breast cancer. Mainly, this cancer could be discovered in females around the ducts- which are the tubes that carry milk and in the lobules which are the glands that produce milk. Breast cancer could be found in both males and females but males are victimised by it very rarely (National Cancer Institute 2012). As stated by the Cancer Research UK, breast cancer is the most diagnosed type of cancer in the UK and according to The Telegraph; Britain has the highest rate of deaths due to breast cancer among the other European counties (The Telegraph 2011). This report will present accurate and reliable forms of data which is collected from responsible sources together with an analysis which will interpret the findings and guide the reader to make appropriate conclusions. For the clarity of the content and for the interest and knowledge of the reader I have divided the topic in to sub areas such as; * Regional Breast Screening Coverage

* Breast Cancer Detection by Age Group
* Categorisation of Breast Cancer by Size
* Mortality Rate

3.0 Methodology

As this report is formed under a ‘short report’, all the data which is presented is gathered from secondary research. The internet was the main and the only source of information. First and foremost, the web site of Cancer Research UK was used to collect most of the data and the graphs which is relevant to the topic. Additionally, the web pages of NHS Information Centre and National Cancer Institute were used to cover the topic effectively. The graphs which are taken directly from the web pages are sited appropriately. Also as the percentage of male cancer cases are minor in England, statistics which are presented in the report are based only on females.

4.0 Findings
The data collected from the research is presented for an...
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