Breast Cancer Essay

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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a type of cancer originating from the breast tissue, most commonly from the inner lining of the milk ducts. Most commonly it is found in the inner lining of the milk ducts or the lobules that supply the ducts with milk. Breast Cancer is a malignant tumor that starts in the cells of the breasts. A malignant tumor is a group of cancer cells that can grow into surrounding tissues or spread to distant areas of the body. The disease occurs almost entirely in women, but men can get it too.

Breast cancer cells can enter lymphatic vessels and begin to grow in lymph nodes. Most lymphatic vessels in the breast connect to lymph nodes under the arm. If the cancer cells have spread to the lymph nodes, there is a higher chance that the cells could have also got into the blood stream and spread. The more lymph nodes that have breast cancer, the more likely it is the cancer may be found in other organs as well.

Carcinoma is cancer that begins in the lining layers of organs, like the breast. Nearly all cancers are carcinomas. An adenocarcinoma is a type of carcinoma that starts in the glandular tissue. Carcinoma in situ is when it is confined to the layers of cells that it began. I breast cancer, in situ, means the cancer cells remain confined to the ducts. An invasive cancer is one that has already grown beyond the layers of the cells where it started. Most breast cancers are invasive carcinomas.

There are many risk factors, one is family history. 90-95% of breast cancers are not due to genetic factors. Having a 1st degree relative does increase your risk, especially if your relative developed breast cancer before menopause. Another is long menstrual history, like women who started periods before age of 12. The more menstrual cycles a women has, the longer exposure to estrogen, a hormone known to increase breast cancer. A woman who has her 1st child in her teen’s or twenties, changes the actual maturation of breast cells and...
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