Breast Cancer Aritcle Review- Bibliography Separate

Topics: Cancer, Breast cancer, Menopause Pages: 2 (316 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Question 1
Articles are displayed in the back of this folder with highlighted sections and a few scribbled notes in the margins. An overview of the information collected is:
Nature and extent:On average, 37 women are diagnosed with breast cancer daily in Australia
Breast cancer is the most common cancer caused death of Australian women
The cancer presents its self as a lump in the lobules and ducts of the breasts and can be either benign (non-cancerous tumour surrounded by a capsule membrane) or malignant (cancerous tumour with no capsule membrane)

The prevalence of breast cancer is remaining constant, however the incidence is rising in females and males alike, although women are still at much more risk.
Risk and protective factors:Risk factors include- Sex (being a female doubles your chances), age (over 25s are more at risk and post menopause less), environmental factors such as chemical and radioactive substance exposure, benign breast conditions, getting menstrual cycle earlier in life, physical inactivity and an unhealthy diet, family and medical history of breast cancer or other cancers, smoking, passive smoking.

Protective factors include- breast feeding reduces risk, eating healthy and being physically active, being aware of environmental factors and removing self if possible, quitting smoking, educating self and others at a young age.

Determinants:Socio economic: A highly stressful life caused by a hectic lifestyle or job can increase a person's chance of developing breast cancer.
People with less disposable income lack the ability to fund facilities needed for detection and treatment.
A lack of education as to signs and symptoms can out people at greater risk.
Socio-cultural: People who are brought up with traditions and habits such as smoking and drug abuse are more likely to develop breast cancer.
Groups at risk: ATSI
People in rural and remote areas
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