Breast Cancer

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The Impact Breast Cancer has on the Patient and Family can be Challenging, and Taking Steps toward Healthy Support is Important for Recovery. Ruth A Whaley
April 29, 2012
Shelli Meade

Many patients with breast cancer know a breast cancer diagnosis affects family members and friends. Sometimes, the concerns and sudden changes caused by breast cancer, and the treatment become as overwhelming for family members and friends as they are for the patient. Acknowledging the possible changes in the way the patient relates to family members and friends and in the way family members and friends relates to the patient may help the patient in taking steps toward a positive recovery during this challenging time. Communication is the most valuable key in breast cancer recovery. Personal control refers to the belief that life is not ruled by fate, but that one is personally able to influence the outcomes of important events or situations in life (Henselmans, 2010). Talking and listening to each other is the basis of any loving and caring family. For families finding the time to communicate is important. Families may have busy schedules and finding the time together makes things difficult to communicate. A breast cancer diagnosis is an impact that affects families. Even when the family does get to talk, there are so many interruptions the conversation may go nowhere. Schedule some time together, away from distractions, so the family and patient will not be interrupted. Talking about something the whole family is comfortable with may help break the ice, like family vacation plans. Once the patient and family is talking, work the conversation around to the patient’s fears, concerns, how the illness has changed the patient, and the importance of the patient’s relationship with their family. The family wants to know how the patient is feeling and the family wants to share those feelings with the patient. Even if the patient’s family is...
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