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Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer
Jazmone Martin
University of Phoenix
Kesha Eason
November 06, 2012

Breast Cancer
What can women do to survive breast cancer? I have witnessed a small amount of women survive this disease and some who did not. Both my grandmother and auntie were diagnosed around the same time with cancer. My aunt immediately started treatment and my grandmother refused treatment and continued to live her life normally. Although my aunt received treatment, she was ill a lot of the time and my grandmother was her chipper old self. Refusing treatment I believe my grandmother shortened her stay here because the disease just continued to eat her away. My aunt eventually had surgery and continued her treatment plan and was in good health while her cancer was in remission. Now five years later, my aunt breast cancer is still gone. I believe there is a way to avoid succumbing to this deadly disease. Breast cancer is a major cause leading to death in women around the world. It is also found in men but is less common. One in eight women has or will have this disease. The number of men that are diagnosed with breast cancer are far less, around one in one-thousand. Millions of people are dying and millions of dollars are constantly spent, but there is still no cure. Even with treatment I have seen so many people pass away. This disease does not have any limitations on race, age, or sex. Breast cancer is survived every day through early detection of signs, understanding how to prevent spreading and treatment.

If signs of cancer are detected early, the chances of survival can be increased tremendously. Early discovery of lumps in breast has saved millions of lives. If cancer patients and doctors can detect these bad cells sooner rather than later it will help to prevent any spreading. Patients can receive an early start on treatment plans and stop any more damage. According to (2012), “Following the American Cancer Society's guidelines for...

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