Breast Cancer

Topics: Cancer, Breast cancer, Cancer staging Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: June 11, 2012
Speech Outline
Title: Breast cancer amongst women in the United States
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience on the Symptoms/ Risk, Treatment, and how a person can possibly lower the risk of breast cancer. Thesis Statement: Women survive breast cancer everyday through early detection and treatment. Introduction:

I. Have you ever place yourself in the shoes of someone diagnose with breast cancer? II. One in every 8th women in the world has breast cancer and most of them don’t even know it. The earlier you detect breast cancer the better it is. Breast cancer well any type of cancer can hit you like a ton of bricks and left with lots of mixed emotions. III. I have not only done extensive research on breast cancer but I’m also going to share with you my personal experience from observing and analyzing my godmothers journey with breast cancer, from when she was first diagnosed up until now. IV. According to the American Cancer Society over 200,000 new cases of invasive Breast cancer are diagnosed each year. Today I will inform you about some facts, treatments & risk on Breast cancer. Transition: I will start by giving you a few facts based on breast cancer Body:

I. First main point: to understand breast cancer you really have to be “diagnosed” A. Breast Cancer is a malignant tumor (a collection of cancer cells) arising from the cells of the breast. Although breast cancer is predominantly in women it can affect men as well. There are several types of breast cancer that differ in their capability of spreading (metastasize) to other body tissues. Something known as pathology determines what stage you’re diagnosed with. 1. Cancer is usually expressed through stages, 0 describing non-invasive cancer that remain within their original location and stage IV describing invasive cancers that spread outside the breast to the other parts of the body. 2. Cancer stages is based on the four characteristics

* The size of...
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