Breaking the Rules Essay

Topics: Question, Answer, Right-wing politics Pages: 4 (1165 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules is truly a life-changing book for me. Just another self-help book, I thought. It turned out to be unlike any other self-help book that I've ever read. How is this book different? This is not a book that made me feel good, but never managed to change anything about me, leaving me feel more powerless than before. The authors, Kurt and Patricia Wright, actually manage to engage into a relationship with me, never leaving me off the hook. On the contrary, sometimes I found them to be so inquisitive and personal I put the book down or feel uncomfortable with their questions.

It is indeed the questions that are life changing. I never really new how to ask questions of myself and others that actually improve things. You know how in our conversations and thoughts we so often focus on what's wrong and trying to fix that? And how it never really gets us anywhere? Breaking the Rules is about that, about asking right, empowering questions. About learning to recognize your already existing strength and to build on those so we can all reach a state of effortless high performance. After reading this book I can never look at myself the same way again. It's like that image where you could at first only see the old lady, unable to see that there was also a young lady in there.

Once you see the young lady you can never "unsee" her. If you are ready for looking at what's right in your own life and the lives of those around you, whether in your personal relationships or in business, you've found your book. This is a brilliant, provocative, intriguing, challenging, energizing book! His concept of the Detached Control Achievement patterns and clarity around how to get my Life Purpose (two years of Landmark Forum training did not get me to GET that!). We get more of what we measure (so measure what you want improved) The author goes on to state that I have a "powerful drive to learn" and all the behavior/thoughts which go with that. I...
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