Breaking the Norm

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Breaking The Norm
A norm is something that is usual, typical, or standard of something in society. Some examples of a norm are going to school, taking a bath, sleeping at night, wearing clothes in public, and eating breakfast lunch and dinner. All those things are stuff we do in our everyday lives and don’t think about it, we just do it because it is normal and it has been taught to us since we have been very little. If you end up breaking the norm though, people will look at you differently and you could really stand out from everyone around you. I am going to challenge this and break the norm to see what other people do and think around me.

What I am going to do to break the norm is go to the grocery store with my mom and instead of walking everywhere, I am going to skip. I am going to start skipping right when I get out of the car into the parking lot until the time I get back in the car after shopping. I am even going to skip when I am standing in the checkout line. When I do this I think people are going to give me really weird looks and look annoyed that I am skipping everywhere. I also think my mom is going to feel embarrassed to walk with me.

When I broke the norm by skipping everywhere in the grocery store I got the weirdest looks from people, but some people smiled and laughed. I did not tell my mom that I was going to do this and I did not tell her that this was a project. At first my mom laughed, but then she got really annoyed and yelled at me and told me to stop but I didn’t listen to her and kept going. At one point she tried walking in front of me because she didn’t want to be seen with me. All the other people just stared at me with weird faces on and when I would look back I could see them laughing and talking about me.

At first when I got out of the car I felt kind of embarrassed to do this because it is not the normal thing to do. As I proceeded to do it though it got easier and I knew I was going to be right about all the people...
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