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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Ron Horn
Concept of Criminal Law
March 23, 2013

Arson & Insurance Companies
In the united states alone arson has become a serious problem and every year it tends to get worse depending on what the motive was for the fire. Arson is the number one cause of all fires on top of killing hundreds of Americans as well as cause serious injuries to thousands of people in the process. Another major fact about arson is that it cause over 3 billion dollars in property damage and numbers show over the past ten years it has been over five hundred thousand arson fires set. A total number for back in 1994 for estimated set arson fires as well as other information and it was 548,500 fires set in that year( In that number it was said that over 107,000 of the fires was done in structures dealing with both residential and commercial. In the same year of 1994 arson fires also accounted for an estimated 560 actual fire deaths with 3,440 fire injuries with the damage to properties coming up in the lead with 3.6 billion dollars( With the property damage being so high from these arson fires it makes it hard for insurance companies and it has been said that for years the general populace has perceived arson as primarily an insurance concern. It’s called an invisible paper loss to them because crime with all the limited impact on anyone other than the insurers. When it comes to the effect on insurance companies it can be costly and sometimes it can’t all depend on the agent the investigation and what they want to do in that particular case. Insurance companies also have interest not only in detecting but also in preventing fire. It said that fires can be planned by drug dealers because it can be a good income for them. They also says that thing like fraud, vandalism, revenge, pyromania and metal sickness are some of the factors of intentional set arsons ( They have a research program that’s put together by the Federal Arson Law and it helps...
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