Breaking of a Social Norm

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  • Published : March 16, 2011
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Breaking of a Social Norm
Part I:
1. Walked on the right side of the hallway14. I stopped at a red light 2. Carried my books at my hip15. I went at a green light 3. Left a tip for the waiter at Las Chalupas16. I wore shoes in public 4. Chewed with my mouth closed17. I drank out of a glass 5. Called someone when I was running late18. I turned on a light in the room 6. I did not talk to myself19. Fixed my hair decently 7. I wore my clothes correctly20. Went to class on time 8. I said “Hello” when I answered my phone21. Took a shower 9. Good table manners22. Brushed my teeth

10. I walked forward and not backwards23. Paid for my lunch 11. I raised my hand in class to ask a question24. Waited in line for lunch 12. I dressed casual, not too dressy25. Ate with silverware 13. I sat down while eating

Part II:
If I walked down the left side of the hallway, I might get rude looks and people might say something like “okay, what does she think she is doing?”
If I did not leave a tip for my waiter, it would be very rude and he would have been upset or disappointed.
If I wore my clothes backwards, people would definitely look at me weird. I might get talked about.
If I did not raise my hand in class, I might get a verbal warning about being rude and disturbing.
If I dressed too nice for school, people would think I was a freak or something. I would get lots of weird looks.

Part III:
If you went to Orlando, Florida wearing your Wrangler jeans with your farm boots on, jeans tucked in the boots and wearing a plaid shirt, you would get so many weird looks. This is not a norm of Orlando, but Jennings County it most definitely is one. Also, if you were in Orlando and you did not know what...
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