Breaking Generational Cycles and Building Solid Foundations and Boundaries

Topics: Family, Dysfunctional family, Family therapy Pages: 9 (3284 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Michael Lee
Liberty University

During this Paper you will find that the discovery of self is a powerful tool. You may call itself awareness or self examination but whatever phrase it is needed to break free from the Dysfunctional cycles that have held families in bondage. Foundations are needed to hold the shaky elements of our lives when the storms of life are blowing and tossing us to and fro. Knowing and understanding your Boundaries helps to foster healthy families and communities and keeps lines of communication fluid and clear. Learning these tools builds and restores the lost art of family and GOD’s intent of intimacy and love for every generation.

As I begin this paper I ponder to discuss the vivid details of my family and breaking the generational cycle that has perplexed many of close friends and family. The paper will share insight into the plight of a family that was birthed into a cycle of poverty and lack of stable parenting. Youth is the catalyst of this families beginning. We will look into history of the hidden issues that was visible yet covered up and not spoken of openly. Dysfunction is a norm and order becomes a foreign language yes discipline is talked about religiously but kept in the hearts of the listener. People have fallen into the trap or snare of the fowler and bondage has been his goal. Freedom is the goal of this paper a true understanding of life lived in patterns or cycles that has lost many to prison, drugs, abuse, death and lack of healthy family systems which is God’s desire. Begin your paper with an introduction that starts out by discussing the broad topic your paper falls into and then narrowing it to the specific topic you have selected for your paper. Try to have a solid statement (otherwise known as a thesis statement) toward the end of this section stating what the focus of the paper will be. This section can be anywhere from one-half to a full page long and does not need to have its own heading. If you use outside material, you should cite it in text and include the book, article, reputable website, etc. in your References page at the end of your paper. An in-text citation usually looks like this (APA, 2009).

My desire to write and share about my family is healing for my soul. I have talked in circles to some family and even finding myself making a joke on some things to suppress the hurt and pain I have felt on the inside. Growing as a young African American in Arkansas was not the best but not the worst either. A small community shielded you from the dangers of the big city that you heard so much about. We thought that for many years until are eyes were opened to alcoholism and sexual abuse or incest. It is hard to write these words on paper and remember the moments it is like watching a movie. At the very young age of 6 I was awaken to a staggering grandfather climbing into bed with me and another cousin. I was not accustomed to sleeping at my grandmother’s house but my cousin was. I was brought into her world that night. As I laid there next to my cousin and my grandfather reaching for her grabbed me instead not knowing it was me at least that is what I have thought all these years. He reached down into my pants feeling and I jumped up out of the bed and ran into the bathroom scared. I locked the door I knew that was not right. I am always thinking about my cousin because no noise was made in the house and I was in that bathroom for a couple of hours. I could not wait until my mother picked me up after the partying they had that night. I did not share anything with anyone not even my cousin but I know she knew and she knew I knew from that day forward what was going on to an extent.

Dysfunction one in which adult caregivers is unable to consistently fulfill their family responsibilities. Using the term "dysfunction" when describing a family whose behavior patterns and relationships are unhealthy isn't something...
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