Breaking Free

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Gender role, Australia Pages: 5 (1826 words) Published: November 4, 2010
“How is the concept of Breaking Free represented in A Room with a View, related text and a text studied in class?”

Breaking Free is represented in E.M. Forster’s, Room with a View through Lucy and the contrast in constraints of the English society and the freedom loving, passionate nature of Italy. Breaking Free is also represented in the feature article “Women at War” by Jo Chandler, through how women have broken free from the traditional female roles and taken on front line duties with the Australian Army. Another text that represents Breaking Free is the poem Song of Hope by Kath Walker; this poem symbolizes how the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have Broken Free from the constraints of English settlement through the Mabo Act of 1992.

Breaking Free is represented in the Novel by E.M. Forster, Room With a View through the characterization of Lucy, throughout the novel Forster details Lucy’s status of progress of Breaking Free which she achieves by the end of the novel. Lucy’s attempts at Breaking Free are seen through her ability to continue being oppressed by the early 20th century English societal values and her reliance on prescribed opinions, or her unrealized desires and attempts to Break Free from these constraints. Breaking Free is also seen by contrasting Lucy’s views with other characters who are heavily oppressed such as Miss Alan.

An example of how Lucy is unable to Break Free, due to her reliance on prescribed opinions, limiting her ability to think as an individual and oppressing her by continuing to be restricted by these narrow minded view’s. “There was no one even to tell her, of al the sepulchral slabs that paves the nave and transepts, was the one that was really beautiful” the alliteration on the worlds ‘sepulchral’ and ‘slabs’ draws your attention to her own opinion of the nave the word ‘slabs’ insinuates little regard or amazement for this apparent ‘beautiful’ art work. “She brought the Baedeker, and then continued” This demonstrates Lucy is unable to divert her outlook on life towards her Breaking Free journey if she continues to be held back through prescribed opinions. The Baedeker is a symbol of the English societies constraints and imperfections because a Baedeker is a set list of opinions that were accepted for particular art works and buildings, the content of the Baedeker consisted of the common opinions of the time barricading any diverse or modern opinions to be explored. Lucy’s unrealized desires to Break Free can be seen through out the novel, it demonstrates Lucy is aware she disagrees with the societies values she Is upholding now and her attempts to Break Free represent she I strong enough to break free if she continues to try, or if her obstacles are too great she will continue to be held back. “She would really like to do something that her well-wishers disapproved” the adverb ‘really’ which is has very high modality emphasizes Lucy’s desires to Break Free. In contrast to the high modality of the world ‘really’ is the word ‘something’, it is a very indirect and uncertain word, signifying Lucy is passionate and intense about the need to Break Free but she is unable to figure out how, hence her unrealized desires. The tone of sarcasm in the word ‘well-wishers’ signifies that Lucy believes what her care takers believe is good for her and the right choices are in fact very different to what Lucy wants and needs, this emphasizes how Lucy is restrained by the values and norms of the early 20th century English society. In comparison to Lucy’s desire to Break Free, through the characterization of Miss Alan we can grasp that having the ability to see the need and want to Break Free isn’t achieved as many people can be blocked by closed doors, symbolism of a closed world view through societies expectations and values. “I could hear your beautiful playing, miss Honeychuch, though I had my door shut. Doors shut; indeed, most necessary. No one has the least idea of privacy in...
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