Breaking Down the Walls of My Heart

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Breaking Down the Walls of My Heart
Rachel Baker
American InterContinental University – Online
English Composition I

Some people are meant to walk into your life with a plan of eventually walking out. But once in a blue moon, you come across someone who’s worth keeping. Even though you’ve been taught all your life that if you keep your emotions strong then you can’t get hurt, that one person seems to rewrite every rule of the heart you’ve always followed.

Breaking Down the Walls of My Heart
You live you entire life believing that if you block everyone out, then you can never get hurt. If there’s no one that can get to your heart, it can’t be broken. But there’s no possible way to keep everyone out forever. You’re eventually going to find someone worth letting in. Growing up as a girl in a family of all males, you’re taught to be strong. But when a certain guy comes along, he shows you that sometimes, it’s alright to be weak. It’s alright to let someone in even though you’ve spent your life keeping everyone out.

I was born into a family of all men (besides my mother of course). I didn’t play with dolls, I played catch. I started martial arts when I was five years old. Being the only daughter and the youngest of three kids, my father was (and still is) somewhat over protective. He pretty much drilled into my mind that I shouldn’t have a boyfriend or get married until I was 45. I remember that he used to tell me he didn’t want me dating because he didn’t want me getting hurt. I’m sure my father wasn’t the only man to try and protect his daughter from heartbreak but I believe that he is the main reason why I built up a wall around my heart.

If you’re told the same thing for so many years, you’ll start to believe it. It could be the most foolish thing you’ve ever heard but hearing it enough will pretty much just drill it into your brain. I’ve grown up being afraid to let someone into my life because my dad always told me it may lead to me...
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