Breaking Culture Norms

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  • Published : January 16, 2012
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Breaking Cultural Norms: Experimental Research
Rick Neese
SOC1001 S05: Introduction to Sociology
Oct 20, 2011
Sheila Farr

Breaking Cultural Norms: Experimental Research
In my research of breaking a culture norm, I will break the culture norms of just randomly sitting with strangers, and breaking culture norms in a department store. In my research of sitting with strangers I will go to a restaurant, public library, and a park. In my research in breaking culture norms in a department store I am going to start singing loud, looking at what people have in their shopping cart and commenting on it, and randomly stop and start exercising in the isles. My research will be used to show the reactions to people around me and how I felt breaking the cultural norm

In my first experiment I went to a local fast food chain. After ordering and receiving my food I looked around and found a couple having lunch together. I went to their table and sit down with my food. The guy looked at me and just asked what the ----, whereas the girl kind of slid over in her chair toward the window. After a few minutes and realizing I was not going to move, the couple still watching me eat, started talking again. As I sit there and listened for an opening to join in the chat, they would ever so lightly turn to watch what I was doing. When I found my opening to join the talk, I was surprised at what happened. As I started chatting with them they seemed cool with me being there now and would actually direct chat toward me also. After I got done eating and a few minutes of chatting I then explained what I was doing and why I was doing it. They laughed and said they were glad that they could help. As to how I felt, with me being free-spirited and crazy anyway I had no unusual feelings to sitting with strangers.

In my next experiment I was at a well-known department store. I was able to conduct several different experiments in just one visit. The first experiment I conducted I would...
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