Breaking Bad News: Writing Tips

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Bad News Letter – Due 11/14/2012
Unfortunately, there will be times in your career when you have to report bad news to someone. It’s awful to give and awful to hear, but there are certainly better and worse ways to present the message. For this assignment, you will select one of the scenarios below and craft a bad news letter to the fictional recipient. Scenarios:

1. Write a letter to a very strong job candidate telling them that after much deliberation following three rounds of interviews, a prestigious job at your organization has been filled by someone else. However, you believe there may be a position available for this person in the future with the company, so make sure you leave a positive impression. 2. Write a letter to someone 90 days past due on a debt to your company. You may want to explain to your reader what will happen if payment is not made soon. Consider how the reader feels about the situation and what would be the best technique for getting payment. Remember, if this person files for bankruptcy, your company may get no payment at all. 3. Write a letter to a tenant informing him/her of a lease violation. Be sure to include the specifics of the violation. Remember, this evidence could be important if you later need to evict this person. But be careful of outright attacking the tenant. In the past, your management company has had tenants break leases and trash apartments when there was a disagreement with management. 4. Write a letter to someone who is 30 days past due on a debt to your organization. Think about how this letter might differ from the scenario above where the debt is 90 days past due. 5. Write a letter to a former employee who has recently contacted you and asked you to write a letter of recommendation for him/her. Unfortunately, you ethically cannot recommend this individual for the position he/she is applying for. Quite frankly, the individual was arrogant, unprepared, stubborn, and apathetic. You weren’t...
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