Breakfast Speech

Topics: Nutrition, Metabolism, Energy Pages: 3 (708 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Name Carrie Hickam
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

GAIN AUDIENCE ATTENTION: How many of you make the time to sit down and eat well balanced breakfast?

RELATE TOPIC TO AUDIENCE: Many people do not find it necessary to eat breakfast, or they don’t have time; but I’m here to tell you that not eating breakfast can have major affects on your body.

THESIS STATEMENT: By the end of my presentation you will make time to eat a nutritious breakfast

PREVIEW MAIN POINTS: Today I’m going to go over how breakfast helps you perform better in class, what happens to your body when you skip breakfast and how breakfast affects your weight. BODY:

MAIN POINT 1: No one likes to be preoccupied with hunger
• Eating anything for breakfast is better than going without. Soul curry magazine website, energy breakfast, retrieved November, 25, 2011. It’s said that children/teens that eat breakfast actually have more positive attitude about school. They do better on test and even miss school less often. • Again, breakfast energy, soul curry magazine states quote “Eating breakfast has been proven to improve concentration, problem solving ability, mental performance, memory, and mood.” End quote • Live strong website, how breakfast is important for memory and concentration, retrieve November, 26, 2011, says that when eating calories in the morning it’s refueling your brain which in turn elevates short term memory.

TRANSITION: Better performance in school alone should persuade you to eat breakfast, but there are even more benefits of eating breakfast. Next let’s look at how your body is affective from skipping breakfast.

MAIN POINT 2: Skipping breakfast might not seem like a big deal but you’re putting body through a lot of unnecessary stress • Women fitness website, top ten reasons not to skip breakfast, retrieved November, 26, 2011 says that when you go without eating for hours your...
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