Breakfast Foods/ Classification Essay

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Breakfast Foods

Morning, for me, is the gloomiest past of the day. I always feel that I’am missing about three hours of sleep. I realize that if I don’t wake up and get to where I don’t want to be, my livelihood as I know it would ease to exist! I have to face the dilemma of what to make for breakfast as well. Being at the state between dream and reality, it would help me to be more creative if breakfast foods are less limited, but more often than not, the option include cold cereals, hot cereals, and artery-clotting forms of food.

The first type, one of the quickest and most popular breakfast foods is cold cereal. There is a wide variety of name brands to choose from. For instance, Frosted Corn Flakes, made by Kellogg’s, is grain cereal, which consists of fine corn flour, sugar, and sugar, plus corn syrup, calcium carbonate. For the health conscious, Honey Bunches of Oats is one of many alternatives. Made by Post, it is also a grain cereal which comes with a list of ingredients. It contains corn, whole wheat, and brown sugar instead of processed sugar, almond, rice, and honey. No matter, a bowl of cereal has the potential to become redundant quickly.

Another option that might satisfy one’s appetite in the morning is hot cereal. Perhaps not as popular as the cold cereal but just as quick. This breakfast food does not fall in the “exciting” category. However, command the respect of other health foods; it is known to lower cholesterol. One can only find three or four selections in the supermarket. The most sold is Quaker Oats. The ingredients are simple: one hundred percent rolled oats. Another variety of hot cereal, grits, is equal to taste but very different in texture. It is made with fine ground wheat and salt. It comes in twelve individual packets to a box. Grits is prepared in the same manner as oats and as quickly, so quickly that there would be time to prepare a bowl of corn flakes instead.

The last category of the breakfast...
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