Breakdown of the Immune System

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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The Breakdown of Immune System
Liver Pool

Diseases always suddenly burst into people’s lives and leave long-term scars for these patients. There are many diseases are so serious that have global influence in human history. As the article The Evolution and Breakdown of Immune System wrote, “The breakdown of immune system is one of the most frequent and dangerous diseases all over the world. (Jonsson, Brokstad, Hansen, Davies & Ulevestad, 2002)” It not only influences the patients, but impacts their families, and even worse, they may become the burden of the whole society. Every patient really suffers lots of pain when they fight with these kinds of diseases. They will simply influence your immune system, the guardian of your body, even destroy it. Patients may get sick and find it hard to recover once there have some disturbance come from the outside environment. AIDS is one of the most influential diseases of them. According to the dates from UNAIDS, in2010, there are totally 33.3 million people who suffer lots of pain for AIDS in the earth (UNAIDS, 2010). People who get AIDS will become unbelievably vulnerable and can only lengthen their life under some medical help. The influence of these kinds of diseases will expand from personal to social. Patients’ families are the first who will bear the torture of worries and sadness. Immune system is hard to rebuild after break down so the patients’ families have to pay money for their treatment endlessly. Once they do not have enough money, the patient can only wait for the end of the life, which will bring families huge pain. Only in Africa, 23 million people who died because of AIDS in 2010 (UNAIDS, 2010). And there are millions of families suffer the hurt caused by AIDS. Not only the patients’ families will suffer a lot when they try to save the patients, the society also weighs down by the expenditure to treat patients. In 2009, US$ 15.9 billion was used to get all...
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