Break a Habit by Practicing It

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Thumb sucking Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Many people are born with some anomalies or developed them later in life. However, these errors can be solved by applying the concept of learning and habit formation developed by Dr. Knight Dunlap. According to Dr. Dunlap, a wrong behavior can be fixed by practicing it, which means to work on specific errors; he stated that bad habits can be broking by deliberately practicing them at definite time and under proper supervision. For instance, he gave the example of stutters who can be cured by imitating their own faulty speech and typists who can eliminate persistent transposition of words and the letters by practicing the error; he also implied that the perfect memory system is to forget. Nevertheless, the problem in Dr. Dunlap’s theory is that it does not fit with the two concepts of learning whether repetition or association but it does fit with the aspect of common sense observation and the contrary nature of humans. In fact, there is a lot of logic in what Dr. Dunlap has stated, a good behavior is often practiced many times when we consider the positive outcome, but the bad behavior can be also taken into consideration the same way; for example, if we take the instance of a student who is always coming late to class, knowing the teacher always starts the class with a joke that students enjoy a lot, he will regret the fact of being late which caused both a bad impact on his performance; in addition, he missed the teacher’s jokes several times. Moreover, Dr. Dunlap discovered that we can learn something by doing something else, which means that you can assist yourself in learning a skill by thinking about it and planning in your mind how you will make your movements.

In fact, if you are going to consider these methods as general training of the mind, it will not help you acquire some particular skills or a high performance in a school subject, Dr. Dunlap said that general training is a fiction, because experimental work has shown that the results of practice...
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