Break Into Us Market by Topshop

Topics: Topshop, Recession, Retailing Pages: 7 (1529 words) Published: January 20, 2013
|Global context of Modern Business | | | | |The economic environment of high-street fashion retail – TopShop | | |Top Shop Case Study |breaks into the U.S. | | |Introduction |Hyperlinks | | | | |High-street fashion – clothing, shoes and accessories - is an area of concern close to the hearts of young people |YouTube - Kate Moss for Topshop preview | |in countries worldwide. Young people are enthusiastic consumers of fashion apparel and make up one of the most | | |important segments of the apparel market. Topshop is a very successful UK fashion retailer and is part of the |YouTube - Topshop launches in New York - | |Arcadia group of companies. In 2009, in the midst of recession, it launched a flagship store in New York. How can a|Topshop Video 52 | |high-street fashion retailer make such a bold move? Is fashion retail different to other markets? This case study | | |will examine the high-street fashion world and how it is affected by, and how it also affects, the economic |Arcadia Group Limited | Press Centre | |environment. | | | |YouTube - Topshop Christmas Fashion Film | |Demand Factors. |2010 | | | | |As discussed in Chapter 2 of the text (Pages 45-57), consumers are influenced by many factors in their consumption |References: | |of goods including price decisions, income, tastes, sociological factors and future expectations. These factors | | |form the basis of the demand characteristics of high-street fashion also, but in a markedly different way than |Wetherly, P and Otter, D. (2011) The | |might be expected. |Business Environment. (2nd Ed.) Oxford: | | |Oxford University Press. | |Price is a key element in the demand for ordinary goods. When the price of a good rises, the quantity demanded | | |falls and vice versa. The judgement about whether the price for a product is a good price is determined by other |McCracken, G (1990) Culture and | |factors: the price of substitute goods, complimentary goods and (importantly) income. These factors set the context|Consumption: New Approaches to the | |for the price decision. The factors of taste, sociological factors and expectations often have little role to play |Symbolic Character of Consumer Goods and | |in the demand decision for everyday goods, but in fashion these factors can often supersede the price and income |Activities. Indianapolis IN: Indiana...
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