Break Down “Ethical Subjectivism

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Person Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Break Down “Ethical Subjectivism”
Ethical Subjectivism, also known as individual relativism, is the metaethical view that there are no objective truths in ethic; moral claims are true or false based upon individuals’ feelings. So, any moral claim may be translated as a reporting of one’s feelings. The best example here in this type is “Stealing things from good friends is wrong” can be rewrite as “I disapprove of stealing things from good friends.” In this case, moral right or wrong is based on the individual’s opinion. In the other word, if two people have different opinions about a same moral questions. Then they might have two opposite ideas. For instance, Bob believes that lying is wrong because when people lied to him, they expect to treat him like a thing not a person. However, John thinks that lying is right due to some cases that people can save innocent lives by lying to a bunch of dangerous guys. I can say that both of them are right because they have their own evidence to approve their ideas. There is no certain evidence that moral rules exist. So, moral truth exists, but is not based on universal standards. Nobody can say that lying is absolutely right or wrong because people can have many so many evidences to approve either side right or wrong. As a result, personal feelings must provide the certain rules of moral truth. Like the example before, Bob’s moral truth is built on the respects and trusts between his friends and him; on the other hand, John’s bases on saving innocent lives is the most important thing in the world regardless of any moral rules in this world. “In real life, we regard acting on certain feelings and desires as immoral” At this point, author believes that if a person is ethical subjectivism, he possibly puts his desires and beliefs to others, forcing them to agree with him. Those are all counted as their personal feelings. The best example here is Adolf Hitler. He was infamous because of killing hundreds and thousands...
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