Bread Mold Lab Report

Topics: Mold, Bread, Hypothesis Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Bread Mold Lab
The purpose of this lab was to test the effect of water on bread mold growth. Hypothesis:
I hypothesized bread mold would grow faster if the bread was exposed to water. Materials:
1. Bread
2. Plastic cup
3. Water
4. Rubber band
5. Plastic wrap
6. Light
7. Scale
8. Seizers
Day 1
1. Cut two pieces of bread 1 by 1
2. Place the beard in two separate cups
3. Put 11 drops of water on one of the pieces of bread
4. Cover cups with plastic wrap
5. Put rubber bands around each cup
6. Place cups on scale to weigh them
Day 2
1. Observe the mold or any changes to the bread
2. Reweigh bread to see the difference in weight
3. Record your data
4. Dispose of the bread and/or of the mold
Both pieces of bread were stale. There was no bread mold on ether pieces of bread. The bread stayed the same size. No change in the color of the bread.

Weight of bread before and after a week| Before one week| After one week| Dry bread | 5.5 grams | 5.5 grams|
Moist bread| 5.5 grams| 6.0 grams|

1. What does your data show about the effect of your Variable on Rhizopus growth? The data from my experiment show that 11 drops of water does not help the growth of bread mold. 2. Were you surprised by the results of your experiment? Yes, I was surprised because I thought water would accelerate the growth of bread mold. 3. What part of designing and carrying out an experiment did you find difficult? This was not that hard of an experiment, I did not find one part to be more difficult than the any of the other parts. 4. If you were to do further research into bread mold growth, which of the other variables would you be interested in testing. I would be interested in air as a variable because I think it affected my research on water and bread mold. Conclusion:

The data does not support my hypothesis on water making bread mold grow...
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