Bread and Coconut Pan

Topics: Bread, Baking, Flour Pages: 4 (748 words) Published: July 14, 2012

Statement of the Problem
Objectives of the Study
Significance of the Study
Scope and Limitations of the Study
Review of Related Literature
History of Pan de Sal in the Philippines
Philippine Coconut Industry
Bread Industry in the Philippines
Overview of the Philippine Market for Bakery Ingredients
The Philippine Bakery Industry Imports
Purchasing Criteria of the Philippine Bakery Industry
Pan de Sal Consumption in the Philippines
Coconut Flour in the Baking Industry
Product Description
The Product
Production Process of Coconut Pan de Sal
Production Cost
Selection of the Study Area
Description of Study Area
Research Design
Primary Data Collection
Sources of Data
Market and Consumer Survey
Usage, Attitude, Image (UAI) Survey
Focus Group Discussion
Test Marketing
Secondary Data Collection
Data Analysis
Results and Discussions
Conclusion and Recommendations

Significance of the Study

Nowadays, Filipinos are becoming health conscious. Although rice has been a main staple among Filipinos, eating bread -- specifically Pan de Sal -- during breakfast is also part of their daily routine. However, with the unstable price of flour in the Philippines, price changes of Pan de Sal reflect the consumers’ purchasing power and limit their consumption. In the context of the producers, they respond with either selling expensive breads of the same size or smaller size but at a lower price. There are no studies yet conducted regarding the product acceptability of Coconut Pan de Sal. Thus, the result of the study can provide significant information regarding the acceptability of the product among the Pan de Sal consumers in Santa Rosa, Laguna. The area was considered by the researcher since it is her home town and considers starting a bakery business in Santa Rosa in the near future. The findings can also serve as a benchmark for existing bakeries and bread producers to...
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