Brazillian Cuisine

Topics: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Amazon River Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: May 26, 2012
Reasons Typical food is eaten:
Brazilian cuisine is heavily influenced by the huge range of harvest available, agriculture in Brazil produces a wide variety of beans, root, vegetables and tropical fruit. Meals are very much social occasions and part of the culture in Brazil, rather than a process of fuelling the body.

Given that one of Brazil's major exports is coffee it is no surprise that coffee is a very popular beverage. Likewise, the huge range of tropical fruits results in a large variety of juices being available at road side juice bars. Brazil also has a wine industry mainly in the south where the climate is better suited to growing grapes. Different regions in Brazil usually have different preparation methods, therefore I would have to say that the foods eaten is usually influenced by the regions and what is grown and harvested in these regions. Take for example, in the Amazon, Roasted game meats are the meat of choice. Unfortunately, the deforestation of the area and increased hunting are putting many animals as risk of extinction. Juice of tucupi leaves are used as a sauce for game meat (especially duck), and the leaves (tasting of spinach) are also eaten. Cods and turtles are also quite popular and is a favourite among children. African influence is obvious in Bahia. Dende oil or is derived from a palm native to West Africa and accompanies many dishes. Cinnamon and cloves are other ingredients associated with Bahia. Rio Grande do Sul: The land of prairies, cattle ranches, rice and wheat plantations. Beef is a main ingredient and barbecue is common. Grapes grown and wine produced here are shipped all over Brazil. Some food rituals at various events:

Carnivals in Brazil would not be complete without pepper (chili) scented rice, combining European and African influences. In the Amazon, Bumba or Bull festival is known by the Minini fish and coconut stew (European and Indian influences). Holidays like Christmas and New Year are similar to their...
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