Brazil Geography

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The continent of South America is located mostly below the equator and is occupied by only twelve countries. Of the twelve countries that occupy South America there is one country with a large land mass that take up over half of the South America continent. Not only is the country large in size, but it is also large in culture and history. This paper examines the land geography and culture of South America’s largest country in area size and population.

Brazil’s Culture and Geography

Brazil is the largest country is South America and it is the fifth largest country in the world, in terms of population and area. With an estimated 183 million inhabitants, Brazil has the largest population in Latin America (2008). BRAZIL. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 1 March 2013]. Brazil is known for hosting its annual Carnaval, in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most famous cities in Brazil. During the Carnaval Rio de Janeiro is flooded with tourists that flock to the city to enjoy the beaches, music, and sight-seeing, and also stimulating the economy with the much need finances.( The country of Brazil covers half of the South America continent and borders with Colombia, Venezuela, Suriname, Peru, French Guiana, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. With its large size the only country that does not border with Brazil is Chile and Ecuador. The characteristics of Brazil’s environment and climate are different from the tropical North to the seasonal changes in the South. The central parts of Brazil receive the most rain during the summer months, while the highlands of Brazil are dry, with snow in some of the southern states. The landscape of Brazil is surrounded by a central highland region known as the Planalto Central and the Amazon Basin that occupies over one-third of the country. The Planalto Central plateau extends into the sea areas along Brazil's 4,500-mile-long coast,...
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