Brazil- Developed of Developing?

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Brazil: Developed or developing?|
A handbook into the country of Brazil|
By Courtney Duffin-Hall|


Brazil is situated in South America, and is home to the Amazon River. It is bordered by several countries including Uraguay, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia. It has a population of approximately 198,739,269 and is home to 13 cities containing a million people in all of them together. The main capital is Brasilia; however it used to be Rio De Janeiro which is situated on the coast (the most populated area). It is currently the fifth largest economy in the world and is the largest in South America. Their main language is Portuguese. THE SOUTH EAST OF BRAZIL

The South East of Brazil is home to most of the bustling cities, which hold most of the population who seek for work and fortune. Sao Paulo (a city located on the East coast of south Brazil) is responsible for a third of the country’s GDP. The state GDP consists of 550 million dollars. Brazil has huge offshore reserves of petroleum and natural gas, notably in the Southeast. These are extremely useful resources which along with many other resources/minerals (such as iron ore and tin) can be used to produce products to export. The South of Brazil is very urbanized and many people move here to seek opportunity. The employment rate is much higher in the South as it includes many factories supplying plenty of jobs to help make products with their vast amounts of resources. However not everywhere in the South is rich. In fact many who come seeking opportunity from the countryside end up in favelas which border the big cities. This is because even though they may be supplied with a job they cannot afford the hefty city lifestyle and therefore are forced to stay in temporary housing. Many families will work in the city for hard earned cash and return to the favelas at night. People struggle to ever leave and many children will grow up and live...
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