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Brazil is a country filled with a rich culture. It has a lot of beautiful geographic land formation and rivers and water falls. This country is densely covered with thick tundra or otherwise known as a rain forest. This nation is considered as a third world country for all the poverty in the nation. The main religion is catholic. The main language is protégés. Brazil’s national government is a federal republic. Brazil has a wavering economy. Brazil has an odd from of currency. This nation has a lot of way to transport goods and people around the country, some more exciting and fun than others. I chose this country because I have never been to it. I’ve seen photos and videos of its beaches and forests and water ways and I found it very tempting to go. Brazil is located in South America bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It is slightly smaller than the United States. The climate is mostly tropical a great vacation spot to go hang out in the beach. The terrain is mostly flat with rolling hills, mountains and costal range. The capital of Brazil is Brasilia. One of Brazil’s mountains is called Pico de neblina. It has two rivers running thorough it called the amazon and the Rio Parana. This nation has a lot of coastal cities like Belem, Salvador, Porto Alegre, and Sao Luis. The government of Brazil federal republic of Brazil it has 26 states and 1 federal district. It gained its independence on 7 September 1822 from Portugal. Suffrage is given voluntary and is exercised by those of 18 years and older except to military conscripts. The ambassador from the United States is Ambassador Thomas A. SHANN. The president of Brazil is President Dilma ROUSSEFF and his vice president is Michel TEMER their government type is a federal republic. A major political party is the Landless Workers' Movement. Brazil has been expanding its presence in the world market in the past few years . brazil main agricultural products are coffee, soybeans, wheat, rice,...
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