Brazil's Girl Power

Topics: Total fertility rate, Demography, Population Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: March 7, 2013
The article Brazil’s Girl Power, written by Cynthia Gorney, researchers and reflects on the discoveries made while in Brazil, questioning the declining fertility rate. The fertility rate is now below the level that allows a population to replace itself. There are many reasons as to why this decline is happening but many have said that there could never be one set reason. A country where the dominating church is the Roman Catholic, will have laws set against abortions, making them illegal because it is against the law of the church. Unlike many countries, another possible reason for the decline is that there has never been a government issued policy, promoting birth control. After talking with many men, women, and families of Brazil, Gorney began to realize a reoccurring reason within the population. Over and over again, she was being told that it just was not common for Brazil families to be large anymore. After many generations of women having an average of about 10 children, and many grandchildren, the trend has dropped out completely. Billboards, TV shows, books, ads, etc. are all showing smaller families. The common family that the media is presenting now is 2 children, ideally one boy and one girl. Not only is the media presenting and pushing this idea but also aspects of everyday life are showing the public that having only 2 children is what they should do. Apartment complexes have 4 bedrooms, and packages in groceries stores say servings for 4. Considering that there is no specific reason for the decline, Gorney devised a six-point plan that could be reviewed for the crashing of the fertility rate. This plan includes; industrialization, keeping medicines unregulated and pharmacy systems over-the-counter, improve infant and child mortality statistics, distort public health system’s financial incentives for a few generations, introduce electricity and television at the same time, and make all the women Brazilian. Many women have also stated that it’s gotten...
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