Bravissimo: A Brand

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BRIEF: Develop a marketing strategy to launch Bravissimo into the US market, including a seasonal range plan. WHO ARE BRAVISSIMO?
Company Overview
UK locations:  National
UK sites:  22
Sector:  Retail
Definition:  Multi Channel Retailer
Founded:  1995
Staff:  651
Average Age:  26
Male/ Female:  5% / 95%
Earning £35,000+:  6%

Cosmopolitan's Woman Achiever Award
Entrepreneur of the Year
Best Lingerie Retailer Award 2000-2011’
Bravissimo is a British retailer specialising in lingerie, swimwear, clothing, nightwear and bras for bigger breasted women of cup sizes D to KK. Catering for women who are usually called curvy, though their lingerie chain, which sells online, by mail order and through its 21 retail shops in the UK, Bravissimo prefer a more precise description of their customer: “big boobed”. Calling a breast a boob is very much the upfront style of Bravissimo who stress that while their bra’s come in sizes 28DD to 40K, they are definitively not “boulder holders”. At the core of Bravissimo, they pride themselves on their commitment giving the Bravissimo girls the wide range of choice they deserve. Bravissimo have always prided themselves on their dedication to pushing the lingerie industry to produce more styles for Bravissimo girls. Many manufacturers now look to Bravissimo for advice when they are developing styles in bigger cup sizes and the customers have been instrumental in helping change the face of the big bra industry. The Bravissimo brand is built around a marketing strategy that uses email to drive customers to its website, ensuring the company's future growth. Bravissimo has built a 500,000 strong database throughout the past 15 years, and virtually all of this is from below-the-line (BTL) advertising activity. The direct approach that Bravissimo takes allows them to target their consumers individually with relevant products and services that they think will suit their customers’ needs. At Bravissimo they understand the importance of not overloading their ‘customers with irrelevant and annoying marketing and that is why they aim to talk to customers with more diplomacy than traditional in-your-face marketing strategies. A recent change of strategy Bravissimo have employed has acknowledged that people can be sent too much mail and that with the increased competition from the high street in the market for large sized bra’s, Bravissimo have realised that they need to maintain the personal touch they launched with. Bravissimo have reacted to the changes in the market and decided that email was the channel that their customers wanted to hear from them via and that it was ideal in stimulating a mutual trust with their customer. THE BRAVISSIMO VISON AND OBJECTIVES

Sarah and Mike want Bravissimo to be both a successful business and a business they are proud of. For them this means: Quality - being renowned for the quality of our service so that people who shop with us have a great experience. Growth and Financial Success - having a well run, financially secure and successful business Making a difference - being not just a business, but an organisation that does something worthwhile and really makes a difference to its customers. Vision: Bravissimo is a UK household name, both admired for its customer service and known as the company for women with bigger boobs. OBJECTIVES

Sarah Tremellen, launched the business in 1995 to offer more flattering lacy and embroidered alternatives to the unadorned boulder holder. After giving birth, Sarah discovered the range of bras she was used to did not exist above a C-cup and it was then she realised something had to change. At Bravissimo, they want to tackle the real problem larger-busted women find themselves with when there are fewer and fewer sizes and styles made available to them. EDUCATE

Bravissimo is on a mission to change bra...
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