Bravery in the Face of Adversity

Topics: Family, English-language films, Mother Pages: 2 (910 words) Published: March 5, 2011
This paper was especially hard for me to write. Usually there is a very strict explanation as to what is needed and expected. However, with this paper it was different. We got a statement and were able to choose the way in which we wanted to portray the idea or thought. To me that is difficult. I have never been one to be short on words and can normally be found talking to whom ever will listen. The topic that we must write on is "Bravery in the face of Adversity." One definition of bravery I found was " a quality of spirit that enables one to face danger or pain without showing fear. Adversity has been defined as a condition marked by misfortune or bad luck. My first thought was to write about the Civil War and African-American soldiers. I thought of the things they had to endure and how awful those times were for them. I even wrote a poem about it (opening). But when I began to think of how it pertains to my life I realized that each day I must show bravery to make it through. In the past year, I have had to face many tragedies: my mother lost her job and my family has lost over ten members due to death. Not only that, but I am a teenage girl growing up in this crazy world.

In the state of Georgia, the job market has been decreasing drastically. Those who have jobs are thankful whether they are teachers, CPAs or a "team member" at the local McDonalds. My mom is not one of those fortunate enough to have a job. For the past few months, we have lived off her savings, child support, and food stamps. Now things are beginning to get down to the wire. When my mom wakes up in the morning, she puts on her best happy face, gets us ready for our day and returns home to pursue the job search. She knows what bad luck tastes like, what it feels like and what it can do to a pay check. My mom is the definition of bravery in the face of adversity. No one really knows that we are almost out of money. In fact, we like to keep things that way. But when given this assignment I...
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