Brave New World Research

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Brave New World Research

By | October 2010
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Jalaneia Evans
Ms. Chico
Eng 4
[ 13 October 2010 ]
Brave New World
The novel Brave New World falls under the category of science fiction. According to, science fiction is defined as a genre (of literature, film, etc.) in which the setting differs from our own world (e.g. by the invention of new technology, through contact with aliens, by having a different history, etc.), and in which the difference is based on extrapolations made from one or more changes or suppositions; hence, such a genre in which the difference is explained (explicitly or implicitly) in scientific or rational, as opposed to supernatural, terms. The novel talks about a whole new society where human beings had no freedom; they were programmed to certain types of behavior, and were trained to respond back in a scientific way to different things. In this novel, all evidence of things that had happened in the past was erased and the human beings personal emotions and relationships didn’t really matter any more. Babies were created in a room they called a “fertilizing room” which were later trained from to accept a certain role that they were given. The type of technology that was being discussed in the novel Brave new world was dehumanization. Dehumanization according to, is to deprive of human qualities such as individuality, compassion, or civility. In this novel, every human was raised in a tube instead of being in their mother’s womb; they were also placed into a certain class. The embryos were constantly manipulated by repeating different phrases multiple times while there children were asleep. Bernard Marx was a deformed person in the novel that struggled with shortcomings. I believe that Huxley was way more accurate in predicting how things would turn out. Nowadays, we tend to distract ourselves with things that makes little to no sense. Human beings divide themselves in two categories where one hates humanity and the other loves humanity. This pretty...

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