Brave New World Essay

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  • Published : September 14, 2008
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In the novel, Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley is set in a world that everyone sees it as a utopian society except Bernard and the savage. This utopian society is basically about drugs, cloning humans, and compulsive buying that everyone sees it as a stable society. Bernard and the savage feels misfit because being care free, problem free and depression free doesn’t make them feel real. The role that Ford’s play relates to the Christianity role due to the World State having Ford as their GOD. Aldous Huxley uses Henry Ford life and Christianity role to compare both of there role play in the Brave New World novel.

Ford’s experience in the outside world has influence Aldous Huxley to write about Ford past life. Due to his mass production, the assembly line, control of media, and disbelieve of anyone who was different illustrated the author utopian society. Ford has been a big impact on the novel because the World State society believes that Ford was there savior due to his compatibility with machinery, scientific medicine and universal happiness. What Huxley meant by machinery, scientific medicine and universal happiness was that there society will never be sick, old, have children’s, lovers to feel strongly about and not being afraid of death. This shows that in order to have that kind of belief they would have to hide those past histories so no one would know about. This is why Controller says that history is bunk because the past wasn’t recognize as important. Although the World State society believes in Ford, the savage didn’t because he was raise differently, believing that God once existed in the book that he had read. In my opinion Huxley based his novel on Ford as the symbol of the Brave New World of soul less technology partly because of what he saw as Americans’ belief that business and technology would solve all social problems and partly because Ford was famous for his automobile.

Christianity role played an important part in the novel because...
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