Brave New World: After the End of Chapter Three

Topics: Eye color, The Director, Child Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Brave New World – After the end of chapter three.

A Cracked, cobbled path lead the way to another building. A few abandoned flowers lead the way to the door. Somewhat bewildered by the amount of knowledge they had taken in, but eager to learn more, the students scurried after the Director.

Bells shrieked out like nails on a chalk board and at once every child straightened up and remained silent sitting at their desks. “So today you will all learn, Community, Identity, and Stability”. “Community, Identity and Stability”. “Community, Identity, and Stability”… This was drummed into the children’s heads like a broken record. The tick of a clock was the only sound you could hear at any given pause. Block A, west wing. Every window on the right side of this classroom, and the three which stood by the side of it, were tinted. You could only see through them with squinted eyes, and even then shadows were the only things which were just about visible. Keeping the children naive about the metres of embryos which dominated the east of the building was to be followed up until high school. High school however, is simply where you begin to learn the skills needed and what is expected of you for your job. The job you are given from birth.

The Director flung open the door and impatiently shooed the students towards the back of the room. Mr Seventeen brought a scrunched up tissue from his pocket, patted down his forehead and shuffled from foot to foot whilst stuttering “yes, oh yes the record...umm..right” “Eloise Applegate, Daniel Applegate, Sophie Applegate…Harold Brook, Katie Brook, Simon Brook. As if they all were slightly off-white shy sheep, they answered their names. No-one looked up when answering their name. This was probably in fear to catch eye contact with anyone, as this would have been seen as secrecy.

Simon Brook was the runt of the class. It is unknown why he never grew. He portrayed a pale face that would make anyone think him sick. Small spectacles...
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