Brave New World

Topics: World War II, Brave New World, Great Depression Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: March 27, 2013
'Brave New World' written by Aldous Huxley was published in 1932 after World war two 1914-1918 and during The great depression in 1929-1933."Brave New World" is a relies which encircles a society that relies on their technology and their culture with strict rules and regulations. By the title "Brave New World" engages you more in to exploring and reading the book also the fact that it links in the advancement of technology makes us feel more aware within our surrounding as technology is advancing.

The fact that is was written after World war two and during the great depression influences me to read more of this book as these are the two main factors in life that changed the world technologically as it advanced and individually people created government to control their world. Also on how freedom and rights were expressed with in society's as laws were put out to let people have that right to their individual political views. Huxley has questioned that moral role of families in society. Huxley also conveys how lifestyles have changes and makes me question the fact on technology as has it taken away time as nowadays children don't have quality time with their families but back then families seemed to be more close.

Huxley provokes that fact of nature V technology and which times were better as technology is taking power over nature.Technologically the phrase new world remarks the fat that has technology abused nature as the world is full of natures beauty is technology taking away that fact. May be Huxley wants use to feel that fact that technology is bad thing. 'A love of nature keeps no factories busy' manipulates that fact of natures beauty and how children were treated as machines back then in comparison to nowadays where everything is virtually done for them so that they do lack that knowledge of humanity and controlled this questions media as are they taking away the rights of citizens as technology is twisting minds hysterically it's changing...
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