Brave New World.

Topics: Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, Huxley family Pages: 2 (834 words) Published: March 25, 2013
The Ideal Women
Brave New World is a fantasy of the future that sheds a blazing critical light on the present. Huxley says “Community, Identity, Stability" is the motto of this utopian World State, the motto of this utopia is the opposite of how this world really exists. Huxley’s description of the new world is a dystopia. Lenina is a futuristic model of the modern women. She is one of the idolized women of this dystopia. The role of women in this society is promotes promiscuity and drug use. Linda on the other hand, had a very different experience then Lenina as women of this New World. Huxley embodies the trials and tribulations that these women deal with. In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley uses the characters Lenina and Linda to show the role of women in this society. From the novel Brave New World Lenina is the ideal woman in this society. She conforms to the standards that are set for the women in the new world. As Lenina talks to Bernarsd, she says, “And how can you talk like that about not wanting to be a part of the social body? After all, everyone works for everybody else” (Huxley 91). This means that Lenina accepts the idea. In addition to that, Lenina does not believe in monogamy; she is very promiscuous, as every other woman is in the society; promiscuity is an accepted belief in this society. When Fanny talks to Lenina about seeing the same man for too long, she starts to lecture her about how wrong it really is: “And you know how strongly the D.H.C objects to anything intense or long drawn. Four months of Henry Foster without having another man–why he’d be furious if he knew” (Huxley 41). Lenina accepts the idea of promiscuity, which makes her the ideal women of the society; she follows by their standards. Not only does the society use promiscuity to control the population, but also promote the use of soma. One of the states mottos is “a gramme in time saves nine”. This means that they promote the use of a dangerous drug called soma (Huxley 89)....
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