Brands and Labelling Obsession

Topics: Brand, Brand management Pages: 6 (1276 words) Published: November 29, 2011

Organizational Method: Topical

Topic:“Brands and Labelling Obsession: Labels are Not Everything”

General Purpose:To inform

Specific Purpose:To inform my audience about the damages that may be caused by obsession of brands and labelling.

Central Idea:Brands and labelling obsession might cause economically,

socially and individually damage.


I. After taking a bath, you immediately put on your Louis Vuitton dress, spraying your Prada perfume, wearing your Jimmy Choo heels, and get on to your car.

II. While attending a party, there’s someone approaching you, and she would probably ask you what you do for a living, what town you live in, perhaps the school you went to - the kind of questions that would help her to build a picture of who you are.

III. You might ask the same of her, but probably you wouldn't be listening. It's more likely you’d be looking at the label on her jeans, glancing at her shoes, eyeing up her mobile phone.

IV. If that is the case, congratulations, you sure are a brand addict.

V. You may say brands and labelling obsession are all about obsession of quality of the goods.

VI. However, I have learned from my psychology class, psychologically a brand obsessed person's brain is captured by brand and he is unable to think for any other brand and feels great about it to use as and when got a slightest chance.

VII. From further research which I have conducted, obsession itself is one of a mental disorder as it is an unwelcome, uncontrollable, and persistent idea, thought, image, or emotion that a person cannot help thinking even though it creates significant distress or anxiety.

VIII. As such, we shall say that brands and labels obsession is such a serious matter.

IX. As far as I concern, brand and labelling obsession might cause damage in form of economy, social and individual.

X. Today, I will explain these three types of damages to you.

(Transition: Let’s begin by looking on what is economy damage that might be caused from brands and labelling obsession.)


I. Brands and labelling obsession will only lead money to go waste.

A. The price and branded items are obviously super expensive.

1. Since they are expensive, they will bring about to improper financial control as money go to waste.

2. Instead of saving money, money flows out.

B. According to an article in CBS News, which classifies China as the “World’s Greatest Fakes”, just name any branded items, China is capable in copying it.

1. Since our favourite branded items have been copied, people will misunderstood.

2. They will assume you are wearing such a fake-branded-outfit without knowing the real price of your outfit.

3. Though it sounds unfair to oneself who bought it with expensive price, people’s perception is not easy to be changed.

C. The buyers are not wholly from high socio-economic status, thus those people who are cannot afford to buy those items shall be labelled as living beyond our means.

D. Based on super expensive price, those branded items are easily copied and it is such living beyond our menas, it sure will cause such an economically damage to one self.

(Transition: If you have not interested on my first point, we shall look into social damage that might be caused by brands and labelling obsession.)

II. Obsession of branded items will affect our society.

A. Such obsessions will affect two groups of people which are group of lower socio-economic and group of higher socio-economic.

B. What is the impact upon people from lower socio-economic groups who may not able to afford those branded of so called premium brands?

1. Stuart Roper and Binita Shah in their book entitled ‘Vulnerable Consumers: The Social Impact of Branding on Children’, says that ‘brands can be the cause of social division amongst...
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