Branding: Marketing and Answer

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Chapter-9: MCQ’s and short questions:
1._____ is endowing products and services with the power of a brand. Your Answer:| Branding |

2._____ is the added value endowed to products and services. Your Answer:| Brand equity |

3.______ are those trademarked devices that serve to identify and differentiate the brand. Your Answer:| Brand elements |

4._____ marketing is about mixing and matching marketing activities to maximize their individual and collective effects. Your Answer:| Integrating |

5._____ is consumers' ability to identify the brand under different conditions as reflected by their brand recognition or recall performance. Your Answer:| Brand awareness |

6._____ occurs when customers experience the company as delivering on its brand promise. Your Answer:| Brand bonding |

7.A _____ is a consumer-focused exercise that involves a series of procedures to assess the health of the brand, uncover its sources of brand equity, and suggest ways to improve and leverage its equity. Your Answer:| brand audit |

8.When a firm uses an established brand to introduce a new product it is called a _____. Your Answer:| brand extension |

9.A _____ product is one whose brand name has been licensed to other manufacturers who actually make the product. Your Answer:| licensed |

10._____ occurs when consumers no longer associate a brand with a specific product or highly similar products and start thinking less about the brand. Your Answer:| Brand dilution |

11._______is the set of all brands and brand lines which a particular firm offers for sale to buyers in a particular category. Your Answer:| Brand portfolio |

12._____ measures the degree to which a brand is seen as different from others. Your Answer:| Differentiation |

13._____ measures the breadth of a brand's appeal.
Your Answer:| Relevance |

14.Nike has the distinctive "swoosh" logo, the "Just Do It" slogan, and the "Nike" name based on a mythological goddess. These items are called _____. Your Answer:| brand elements |

15.Burton, a maker of snowboards, is introducing a new snowboard called "The Dominator." This snowboard will be associated and identified with top professional riders. What marketing strategy is Burton using? Your Answer:| leveraging secondary association |

16. The purpose of the _____ is to provide a current, comprehensive profile of how all the products and services sold by a company are marketed and branded. Your Answer:| brand inventory | |

17. A _____ typically employs quantitative measures to provide marketers with current information as to how their brands and marketing programs are performing on the basis of a number of key dimensions. Your Answer:| tracking study| |

18.Nivea, a strong European brand, has expanded its scope from a skin-cream brand to a skin-care and personal-care brand through carefully designed and implemented brand extensions. This is an example of _____. Your Answer:| brand reinforcement |

19.Dannon Yogurt offers several types of new yogurts, Fruit on the Bottom, Natural Flavours, and Fruit Blends to name a few. This is an example of a _____. Your Answer:| line extension |

20.Honda uses the company name to cover different products such as automobiles, motorcycles, snow blowers, and snowmobiles. This is an example of a _____. Your Answer:| category extension |

21.A _____ brand may be kept around despite dwindling sales because they still manage to hold on to a sufficient number of customers and maintain profitability with little or no marketing support. Your Answer:| cash cow |

22.All products marketed by Heinz carry the brand name 'Heinz'. This is an example of ___________. Your Answer:| blanket family names |
Short Questions: Chapter-9:
1.Describe the functions a brand provides for the firm.
Ans:Brands simplify product handling or tracking. Brands help to organize inventory and accounting records. Brands also...
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