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“We have created these new connection points, and now we are looking for new possibilities, together with Cisco IBSG, to put new technology in place for the next steps.” This shows Heineken are taking positive steps towards the future and want to maintain their strong brand image. They know the importance of consumer satisfaction and know they need to make the customer feel like they are a part of a community. “The value of a product is not what the producer puts in, but what the consumer gets out.” (Doyle 1990) Being aware of their consumer wants will help keep Heineken the successful, sustainable brand they have established for themselves but they must keep up with changing consumer tastes and will have to constantly be modernizing the brand to stay “trendy”. In 2011 Heineken launched their brand in Mexico and India. They also brought out a new glass bottle last year to help keep the brand modern. The question now is what moves are Heineken going to make in the next year to keep the Heineken brand prosperous? Product attributes:

A strong brand must meet consumer expectations and provide satisfaction. Consumers must be persuaded to buy the product and if there is no unique selling point, consumers will have no urge to buy the product. Heineken is a premium beer and its quality taste always satisfies their customers. Heineken promoted in Britain advertising that their unique selling point was “Heineken refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach.” this was a smart move seeing as it is hard for a brand like Heineken to find a unique selling point because all beers are considered to taste pretty much the same. They’re considered a premium beer brand so this allows them to charge a premium price because people pay more for quality and feel safer in the knowledge that they are getting a better quality product if they are paying a higher price. Consistency:

A consistent brand keeps to its core brand proposition and what the brand stands for. If a brand stands for its core values then consumers build a trust with that brand. Heinekens core brand values are tradition, winning spirit and friendship and taste. They are certainly a consistent brand; they have maintained tradition by remaining unchanged since 1873 and they pride themselves in it. This way consumers know that they will always get the same taste and texture from every Heineken and consumers like reliable brands. They show a winning spirit by advertising themselves as a premium brand beer and being superior to other beers. They reach out to customers and interact with them to create friendships through methods like letting customers design their own bottles so they feel like they are a part of the brand. Of course Heineken always focus strongly on the taste. They base their whole image around their unique, refreshing taste. Consumers are loyal to the taste. They want every pint, bottle and can to taste the same and this is no problem for Heineken since they haven’t changed their recipe since 1873. So, consumers are satisfied because they get the same traditional Heineken taste they expect when they buy the brand. Proper-positioning:

For a brand to be strong and successful the brand must get into a position in the market where the target audience prefer the brand to its competitors. The beer market is a very competitive market with many different beer brands. The Heineken brand is in a very good position in the beer market. It is the world’s most popular beer brand after Budweiser. Many consumers are very loyal to the Heineken brand and the brand is now in such a good position that if consumers have to choose an alternative to their preferred brand Heineken is usually the second choice. This is because the Heineken logo is so popular and consumers choose brands that they recognize. Sustainable:

A sustainable brand is defined as
“an advantage that is not easily copied by competitors.” (Doyle 1990) Though Heineken are certainly a sustainable brand I’m...
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