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Tools to help you use our corporate identity Effectively

brand guidelines

These guidelines are 100% practical. If you read them carefully, then apply them consistently, all the materials you produce will reflect and reinforce the distinctive essence of Lloyd’s . . .

Constant originality
Before we get down to business, let’s just briefly remind ourselves why those two words encapsulate what makes Lloyd’s different: Constant - evokes our long history and sense of tradition; our good faith and security; and our worldwide reputation for honouring our word. Originality - refers to our creativity in coming up with innovative solutions for risks; our willingness to do things differently; and the adaptability which has enabled Lloyd’s to survive and prosper for over 300 years. We hope you’ll find everything you need to help you achieve your communication aims in the following pages. But if you do have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Lloyd’s Marketing team.

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What are these guidelines for? The key elements Example collateral

01 The Lloyd’s brand mark 1.0 Overview 1.1 The components

1.2 ‘Bleed’ version 1.3 Primary position 1.4 Standard and small versions

1.5 Minimum clear space 1.6 Sizing and positioning

02 The Arms of Lloyd’s 2.0 Overview 2.1 Role

2.2 Positive and negative versions 2.3 Colour versions 2.4 Standard, small or basic

2.5 Explanatory copy versions 2.6 Sizing and positioning

03 Colour 3.0 Overview 3.1 Black and white

3.2 Colour palette 3.3 Colour specifications 3.4 Colours on black backgrounds

3.5 Colours on white backgrounds 3.6 Coloured backgrounds 3.7 Colours for graphs

04 Typography 4.0 Overview 4.1 Headline typeface: Sansa Lloyds

4.2 Primary typeface: Vectora 4.3 Office use typeface: Arial 4.4 Editorial typeface: Caslon

05 Imagery 5.0 Overview 5.1 Principles

5.2 Portraits 5.3 Groups of people 5.4 Events

5.5 Risk insured 5.6 The Lloyd’s building 5.7 Around Lloyd’s

5.8 Metaphors – the principles 5.9 Illustration

06 Applications & Sub-brands 6.0 Overview 6.1 Publications

6.2 Stationery 6.3 PowerPoint® presentations 6.4 Word and Excel templates

6.5 Lloyd’s 360 Risk Insight 6.6 Lloyd’s Community Programme 6.7 Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund

6.8 Lloyd’s Exchange 6.9 External subsidiary brand marks

07 Lloyd’s language guidelines 7.0 Overview 7.1 Business communication basics

7.2 The language of Lloyd’s 7.3 Examples 7.4 The nuts and bolts

08 Further information 8.0 Contact details

Appendix Approved Paper Samples

What are these guidelines for?
They are to help us ensure that the way we present Lloyd’s is always:

Who are these guidelines for? They are for anyone producing Lloyd’s branded collateral. Separate guidelines are available for:

For all master artworks and a helping hand, contact Lloyd’s Marketing.


All the materials we produce must look as if they come from the world’s leading specialist insurance market. Whenever and wherever people come into contact with Lloyd’s we want to create a clear and coherent impression. For maximum impact, our communications should convey what makes Lloyd’s unique.


Distinctively Lloyd’s

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the key elements
Lloyd’s visual identity has six key elements. When applied consistently and

1. Brand mark

2. The Arms of Lloyd’s

3. Typography

Vectora Arial Caslon

4. Imagery

5. Colour palette

6. Language
Contact us:

Example Collateral

Example Collateral

Contact us:



getting the brand basics right.

The Lloyd’s brand mark

1.0 overview
In terms of ensuring clarity and important than the correct use of components - the logotype and the - are the cornerstone of our identity; 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 The components ‘Bleed’ version Primary...
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