Branding and Consumer Behavior/Purchasing

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Guidelines for Writing Project Report

Students under my supervision are expected to write in accordance with the following guidelines.

Main Chapters

1. Introduction

2. Literature Review

3. Research Methodology

4. Data Presentation and Analysis

5. Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

Chapter One

1. Background to the study

Introduction provides the necessary background information to your study. It also provides readers with some sense about your overall research interest. A good introduction establishes the general territory in which your study is placed. Students are expected to read widely for them to be able to write good background. The researcher is expected to identify the position of the current research in the area. Preferably, effort should be made to identify seminal paper in the area.

2. Statement of the problem:

Students are expected to clearly identify the problem or acknowledge gap that the project is responding to. Good problem statement stems from a clear understanding of the theoretical, empirical and practical aspects of the subject; derived from personal experience and from a thorough review of the literature.

3. Objectives of the study:

Statement of the problems should be transformed into positive action verb.

Eg: to examine, to verify etc

4. Research Questions:

These questions are to be derived from the statement of the problem. The questions should be on positive side until the research proved it otherwise. It should be noted that the more the questions, the more the resources that will be required.

5. Hypothesis Formulation:

This provides the researcher with the necessary guide and direction in searching for the solution to the problem under investigation. Hypothesis is simply a statement of probability that establishes relationship between two or more variables. It is seen as predicted answer to research problem.