Brand Tracking for Tory Burch

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Brand Tracking
The Tory Burch brand should be tracked using a corporate or family-brand tracking strategy because the Tory Burch brand is identified with multiple products (shoes, designer handbags, accessories, etc.). When using a corporate or family branding strategy, knowing which individual products the brand reminds its consumers of becomes important. It is also important to know which specific products are most influential in affecting consumer perceptions about the Tory Burch brand. Tracking of the Tory Burch brand should include measurements of awareness, usage, brand attitudes, perceptions and purchase intent. Measuring awareness will include measuring brand recall and recognition. A brand that is easily recalled in certain situations is more likely to be purchased than a brand that is only recognized when it is mentioned to the consumer. To track the usage of the Tory Burch brand, measurements of frequency of usage, total spending in the brand and product category should be taken. These will tell us about consumer shopping behavior, preferences and market share. Brand attitudes and perceptions can be captured through questions related to brand image and associations (beliefs about product and non-product related attributes and benefits, also price and value related perceptions) that consumers develop based on their experience with the Tory Burch brand and exposure to the brand’s message from PR, advertising and promotional programs. Purchase intent measures how likely a consumer is to buy the brand or switch to a competitor. This relates to brand health and should be part of any brand tracking study. The questions related to purchase intent should be regarding specific product, reason for purchase, time, channel, price and any other factors that played a role in the purchase decision in order to predict the actual purchase behavior of the Tory Burch brand.
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