Brand Strength Analysis of Microsoft

Topics: Customer, Microsoft, Bill Gates Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: September 24, 2012
Brand chosen: Microsoft

"Our vision is to create innovative technology that is accessible to everyone and that adapts to each person's needs. Accessible technology eliminates barriers for people with disabilities and it enables individuals to take full advantage of their capabilities." Bill Gates, Chairman INTERNAL FACTORS:

Clarity: 9
I would give high marks to Microsoft on clarity because it’s very clear about what brand stands for in terms of values, proposition and positioning. It is also clear about its target audience and customer insights. Commitment: 9

Microsoft scores high on commitment front because it is committed to be the best technology company in the world. The company entails in its employees a sense of commitment to be the best in its category. Protection: 9

Microsoft is one of the world’s first technology companies and across the time has come up with a lot of new technologies which are patented on its name. There has not been a single case on Microsoft for infiltration issues in these years which prove its originality and excellence.

Responsiveness: 10
I would give Microsoft full score on responsiveness because it has always come up with something new and innovative product in order to changing market response. It has always tried to evolve itself as a leader and also tried to renew it technology.

Authenticity: 10
Microsoft scores very on authenticity because it has a very rich heritage and has always come out on top of customer’s expectation. It has always given its customers a high degree of satisfaction. It is capable enough to deliver what customer wants. Relevance: 10

The Microsoft is the well sought after and most used operating system in the world. Its softwares are used for all purposes and by each segment of people. They are very effective in satisfying customer needs and desires. Differentiation: 10

Microsoft is an overall...
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