Brand Salience and Three Types of Memory Storage

Topics: Long-term memory, Term, Time Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Brand salience Brand salience is the intention of buyers to think of the brand in a buying situation. It is determined by how many and how often the consumers think of the brand. Daye indicates that a strong brand tends to have higher brand salience while weak brand have little or even none of brand salience. (2010)Therefore, it is important for manager to concern about the brand salience to higher the chance of the brand being retrieved from memory by using cues in a buying situation. As salience works in terms of brand recall, a brand needs to be linked to as many cues as possible to make the brand recalled by consumer in a purchase situation. Specifically, when a consumer wants to buy from a category, the consumer should be able to think of the particular brand. For example, when a consumer wants to eat something which is cheap, he might think that McDonald is giving the promotion of McValue lunch. Also, when he wants to eat something that need not to wait, he will also think of McDonald which is fast food restaurant. However, the link to the category may be positive or negative. For example, a consumer who wants to eat something that is healthy may think that McDonald’s food is unhealthy so that he won’t have his lunch at McDonald. Nevertheless, as many links as the brand link to the categories, the chance of the brand being thought in buying situation will be higher.


Three types of Memory storage There are three areas of memory storage which are sensory memory, short-term (working) memory and long-term memory. The memory can be trained and move the information from sensory memory to long-term memory by the way of repetition, clustering and linking pieces of information in nodes and to cues. Sensory memory is generated from seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting the information. Sometimes, a product element can deliver the stimuli to sensory memory to encourage people to buy the product. For example, the perfumes company gives out...
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