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Duration: 23-02-2008 to 25-05-2008

Scope: A report submitted by in partial fulfillment of the requirements of MBA Program from ICFAI Business School.

Project: Brand Positioning

Company: United colors of Benetton

Submitted by: Anurag Bindal

Enrollment no. 07bs0711


Person guided me:As:

Mr. Ripu Daman SharmaProject guide

Prof. Pooja AroraFaculty guide


Apart from the efforts put in by me, the success of this training program and project depends largely on the encouragement and guidelines of many others. I take great pleasure in this opportunity to express my gratitude and thank many people who generously furnished assistance and advice during my training and project work execution.

Firstly, I would like to thank the BENETTON Management and IBS Kolkata Training Coordinators for permitting me to conduct my Summer Internship Program at one of the MEGA STORE of a highly renowned ITALIAN BRAND, UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON, Chandigarh, who majorly deals in Apparel Retailing.

I owe my sincere gratitude to Mr. Sumit Dhingra (Zonal head sales, India) & Mr. I. Mukherjee (Regional Head Sales) for their moral and functional support which worked as a catalyst to all my activities.

I am greatly indebted to Mr. Ripu Daman Sharma(Territory manager sales)- My project guide who helped me to choose, execute and finally complete the project in time and result out to be effective for the organization and me as well.

I could not have executed such a huge task without the continual support and encouragement of Mr. Vijay Mantha (Visual Merchandiser), Mr. Harmeet Singh (Accountants Head) and Mr. Ashish Chilana (store manager).

A special thank goes to Prof. Pooja Arora who has led her inevitable support throughout this period and has guided me throughout this challenging work.

Last but not the least, I would thank all those associates at UCB and IBS who are not mentioned above but have helped me directly or indirectly by rendering their precious time, suggestions and services which have proved to be instrumental in successful completion of the project.


A successful brand is the most valuable resource a company has. In fact, one authority speculates that brands are so valuable that companies will soon include a “statement of value” addendum to their balance sheets to include intangibles such as the value of their brands. Brands are used as external cues to taste, design, qualify, prestige, value and so forth. In other words, consumers associate the value of a product with the brand. The purpose of this report initially is to review literature on the core associations of brands used to position brands as strategies to create competitive advantages.

The purpose of this report is primarily to present a detailed analysis of the Brand Positioning campaign undertaken for the mega store-united colors of Benetton in sector-17, Chandigarh. This campaign aims at seeking the perception of the mass retail customers for the brand & figure out the goodwill of the brand comparative to other competitor brands & products present in the market which falls in the same category and have the same target market as different consumer segments may perceive the same brand in different ways.

The report has the justification of its purpose as declared above, for which, it has undergone certain observations and analysis, their interpretations and presentation.

The report, initially, talks about the company and its profile which is further followed by the concept of Brand positioning & Retail industry with the help of some good articles.

Then, comes the calculations & analysis part which...
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