Brand Positioning of Coach

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Brand Positioning of COACH

Positioning Statement
For consumers of middle income levels who need both self purchases and gifts, COACH is an affordable and accessible luxury brand of accessories that offers classic, modern American styling products at extremely well made quality, excellent value and attractive prices.

COACH successfully builds market share by leveraging its unique position as an accessible luxury lifestyle brand - a luxury brand even middle class can afford and a preferred brand for both self purchases and gifts. According to COACH's consumer research, the average full-price shopper is mid-to-late 30's, college-educated, and a single or newly married white collar workforce woman. In the factory outlet, shoppers are on average 45, college-educated, married professional moms who want beautiful, well-made brands at low prices. Compared to its competitors (Prada, Gucci, etc.), what makes COACH consumers feel like they are in the same league as those tony names are the goods' quality, eye-pleasing designs, attractive prices, as well as their luxurious stores. Though COACH sells a python satchel for $1,900, that's a relative bargain compared with a $14,800 crocodile bag from Gucci, COACH bags typically cost around $200 to $400. COACH products could be desired and obtained by the everyday masses, but prices are high enough that it could feel like a sweet treat when purchased.

Marketing Mix
COACH has great success because of the strength of brand- Product innovation, Relevance and Excellent Value. COACH offers a number of key differentiating marketing elements that set the brand apart from the competitors and deliver its positioning in the evolving market. •Product Design & Quality– To match key luxury rivals on high quality and innovative styling, COACH consistently provides consumers with fresh, relevant and innovative lifestyle products that are extremely well made. The company makes monthly introduction of fresh new product...
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