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Also referred to as a brand strategy, positioning strategy, or brand positioning statement, a positioning statement is a succinct description of the core target audience to whom a brand is directed, and a compelling picture of how the marketer wants them to view the brand. A well-constructed positioning statement is an invaluable means of bringing focus and clarity to the development of a marketing strategy and tactics. How? Because every decision that is made regarding the brand is judged by how well it supports the positioning statement---from the brand name, the product itself, and packaging, to advertising, promotions, etc.  There are four elements or components of a positioning statement: Target Audience - the attitudinal and demographic description of the core prospect to whom the brand is intended to appeal; the group of customers that most closely represents the brand’s most fervent users. Frame of Reference - the category in which the brand competes; the context that gives the brand relevance to the customer. Benefit/Point of Difference - the most compelling and motivating benefit that the brand can own in the hearts and minds of its target audience relative to the competition. Reason to Believe - the most convincing proof that the brand delivers what it promises. Template for a Positioning Statement:

For (target audience), (brand name) is the (frame of reference) that delivers (benefit/point of difference) because only (brand name) is reason to believe). Criteria for Evaluating a Positioning Statement 

 Is it memorable, motivating and focused to the core prospect? Does it provide a clear, distinctive and meaningful picture of the brand that differentiates it from the competition? Can the brand own it?

Is it credible and believable?
Does it enable growth?
Does it serve as a filter for brand decisionmaking?
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