Brand Personality Creation Through Advertising

Topics: Brand, Advertising, Graphic design Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: April 26, 2008
In this paper I develop an understanding about how design in printed advertisements creates the personality of the brand. The research is based on the importance of advertising design in communicating the brand and its personality to the target market and to the understanding of the creative strategy that is used in advertisements, which help to communicate the brand effectively. The research includes information from interviews, questionnaires and focus groups which was provided by consumers and advertising agencies. The objectives of the dissertation are to understand consumer’s opinions about brands and advertisements, to understand how advertising agencies work, what their beliefs are and what the relationship with their clients is and finally to choose, describe and review several brands and their personalities in comparison with their advertisements. Since brands tell a story within advertisements, the discussion on this paper is based on how design in print advertising communicates the brand and its personality. The discussion includes advertisements of the sixteen chosen brands and their description as well as a variety of comments.

My main aim is to enhance advertising design in creating brand personality. This will be done by the creation of a model that will explain an effective interaction between advertising agencies and their clients. This leads to the improvement of the partnership and to the effectiveness of brand personality creation through advertising design.


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