Brand Perception of Reliance Mutual Fund with Comparison to Its Competitors

Topics: Mutual fund, Investment, Financial services Pages: 48 (12854 words) Published: April 8, 2011
Chapter 1: Introduction1.1: Objective, Scope and Limitation.1.2: Research Methodology1.1: Objective, Scope and LimitationTitle: “ Brand Perception of Reliance Mutual Fund with comparison to other Mutual Fund Companies”Objective of the Study: The objective of my study was : * To analyze Consumer’s perception towards different Asset Management Companies (AMCs). * To analyze Distributor’s perception towards different Asset Management Companies. * Branding and Promotional activities carried out by Reliance AMC. * Managing different distribution channels like- i. Banks(PSUs and Private),e.g.-HDFC, ICICI ii. National Distributors, e.g.-Karvy Stock Broking ltd iii. Individual Financial Advisors(Brokers) * Comparison of the best performing funds of the top 8 AMCs.Scope: * Understand various aspects involved in buying and selling process of a financial product. * Marketing Strategies undertaken by AMCs to push their products. * Understand the reasons why at all a Consumer and a Distributor chooses an AMC. * To understand the holdings of a fund, their performance and future prospects. * The distribution network involved in the Mutual Fund industry.Limitations: * Fear of disclosure of confidential data by distributors and consumers. * Time limitation was a major factor. * Incentive Structure being confidential was not disclosed properly. * Sample size was relatively smaller.1.2:Research MethodologyThe research methodology was based on collection of Primary data from Banks, National Distributors(NDs) and Individual Financial Advisors(IFAs) as well as from Consumers through a questionnaire (Direct and Mailed) and Secondary data in terms of different schemes available with various AMCs in the ,market. It is an exploratory research about the views and perception of the distributors and consumers towards different players (AMCs) present in the market.(A) Research Instrument: Two different questionnaires were prepared (1 for Distributors and another for the consumers) comprising of 13 questions each, both containing certain variables.(B) Variables (Distributors) : * Fund Performance * After-Sales Service * Return on Capital * Total Incentive Structure(C) Variables (Consumers) : * Statements * Dividend * Fund Performance * After-sales service * Brand Value * Advertising(D) Scaling Techniques:(i) Ranking: * This technique was applied so as to have a clear picture regarding the types of investment schemes, performance of schemes etc.(ii) Dichotomous: * This was used to see whether respondents have invested in Mutual Funds or not.(iii) Likert Scale: * This was used to ask respondents their views regarding different AMCs present in the market, their performance and after-sales services provided to them.(iv) Multiple-choice single response Scale: * This was used to know various sources that enable a consumer to gather information regarding his/her investments.(v) Multiple Rating list scale: * This technique was adopted to gather information regarding Fund Performances, after-sales services etc.(E) Data Sources:(i) Primary Data: * Data gathered directly from Distributors as well as Consumers. Questionnaires were provided either before hand or were mailed to the respondents.(ii) Secondary Data: * NAVs of different schemes were gathered from company websites. (F) Areas covered under this survey:(i) Distributors:Reliance has got Corporate tie-ups with leading banks in India, both Public sectors as well as Private sectors. Moreover they are also tied-up with National Distributors (NDs) comprising of Karvy Stock Broking, NJ India etc.Apart from the above mentioned, Reliance has got a large Panel of Individual Financial Advisors (IFAs) that contributes a huge pool of money to the large corpus of Reliance.The survey was conducted within the territory of Bhubaneswar.Out of a total of 120 samples, 60 distributors were surveyed, (30 IFAs, 15 Banks and 15 NDs). It comprises of...
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