Brand, Packaging and Merchandising

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Brand, Packaging and merchandising

Q1- Define Brand, explain the strategic function of the brand Brand is a term, a symbol or a design, which differentiates a product from the competitor. Branding is a process of adding value to the product by use of its packaging, brand name, promotion, and position in the mind of the consumers. Strategic functions of the brand:

1-Brand as a sign of ownership: it tells you who is the owner of the brand. 2-Brand as differentiating device: differentiate one product to another. 3-Brand as a functional device: by looking at the brand you can know how the product is going to function. 4-Brand as a symbolic device: the brand name gives an added value to the product. 5-Brand as a risk reducer: reduces the risk in the mind of the consumer. 6-Brand as a short hand device: easy to position the product in the mind of the consumer. 7-Brand as a legal device: It gives a type of legal protection to the producer. Nobody can use the same name. 8-Brand as a strategic device: easy to frame the strategies and promote the product in the mind of the consumers.

Q2- What is packaging? Describe the effect of graphics on consumer perception & how can you evaluate the effectiveness of packaging ? Packaging is the wrapping material around a consumer item that serves to contain identity, describe, protect, display, promote the product. Effect of grafics?

1-Reinforce brand name logo: the colours used on the package and the wording od the pack will reinforce the image. 2-Attract attention: an eye catching graphic will make the product stand out. 3-Add esthetic quality: some packages are so attractive, people keep them and use them as containers. 4-Lifestyle aspirations: pictures on the package can show the product being used by attractive people 5-Add value game

6-Can incorporate cues symbols:
a.Horizontal lines: quite restfulness
b.Vertical lines: strength & confidence
c.Rounded lines: symbol of feminity
7-Can encourage...
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